Rear View camera installation


Small  red cable attached to the AV cable : Connect one side to the car reverse power (12V+) and the other side to the cable marked as “Reverse” or “Back” in the GPS unit. This is the detector cable that supply the trigger signal to the GPS unit when the car gear is in reverse position. This will switch the GPS screen to camera mode automatically.

RCA Yellow Plugs: One side to the camera input connection in the GPS unit and the other side to the camera.

Black / Red cables : Connects to the reverse lights power supply. This will supply power to the rear camera when you change the gear to reverse.

Note: You can attach both Red trigger line and Red power cable together and attach to the car 12+ reverse power supply.

Some cameras do not come with trigger red cable attached to the AV cable. In this case, you will have to run an additional wire from the back to the unit alone with the AV cable and connect to the Reverse cable in the unit.

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