How to set the GPS path (TC810/N750/D610/ and other models with Sygic Maps)

Receive a message saying “Cannot find GPS Navigation Software” ? .

This is due to change of the GPS path settings. You will need to set the start execution file that is location in the SD card. Please find below video that shows you the steps.

Can’t see the video ? try below steps

Step 1 – Click on the settings icon ( see below red circle )


Step 2- Click on the GPS path setting icon ( see below red circle )


Step 3 – You will see a GPS path screen  similar to “Drive_833_b36138_AUS_NZ_xxxx” and click on it ( click on the letters )

Step 4- You will see “Drive” and click on it and it will show “WindowsCE” and click on it until you see the Drive.exe

Step 5 – Once you see the Drive.exe , click on the globe sign on to your right to load the GPS software.

Next time when you turn the unit on, it will automatically load the GPS software.

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