Sygic Drive 10 Maps –How to obtain the Device ID

Maps sold by AutoGPS, Australia. Please visit Sygic Maps for more details.

  1. Insert the SD card in to the unit and turn on the unit
  2. Click on “NAVI” icon on the screen. System will load WinCE OS and prompt a message saying no navigation software found. Close the message.
  3. Click on settings
  4. Click on Navigate Setup ( or Navi Setup) and you will see a GPS path setting screen
  5. Click on the icon at the end of the path to set the new GPS path and point to Drive.exe

Path is: Storagecard/Drive/WindowsCE/Drive.exe

( click on each folder, and when you are inside the WindowsCe folder, you will see the Drive.exe file and select it)

  1. Once you select the Drive.exe file, click on the Home icon on to go back to the previous menu
  2. Click on Navigation ( from the WinCe menu) or NAVI from main menu to load the software
  3. Once loaded, it will ask to activate the map software and click on Activate
  4. You will see a Device ID displayed on your screen

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